SIS Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. General

1.1. What is SIS?

SIS is an online School Information System which allows NWCS members to access their school records and to register for classes online. The school uses the same system for administration.

1.2. How do I access SIS?

You must have an account to access SIS. See Account below for details.

The URL is  

2. Account

2.1. What is an account?

An account is a family record in SIS. NWCS stores the information on the registration forms from previous terms (i.e. semesters) in SIS and organizes it by family. All members of the same family belong to the same account.

2.2. What information is in my account?

All the information you have provided on the registration forms is in your account. It includes your home phone number and address, names of your family members (only those related to NWCS) and their email addresses, the classes each member has registered for, the family payment history, etc.

2.3. Does my family already have an account?

If any member of your family has ever enrolled since 2002 fall semester or is currently enrolled in NWCS, your family has an account already.

If your family is new to NWCS, you can create a new account online by yourself.

2.4. Who has access to my account?

Other than the school administration, only you and your family members have access to your account. Your account is password-protected and the password is managed by you and your family.

2.5. How do I access my account?

To access your account, you need to logon to SIS with your email address and a password. An initial password is assigned to you by SIS. You can retrieve the initial password on the web site via email, and change it anytime after you have logged on. You family members with an email address can also access the account.

To logon to SIS, open a browser window and type  On the logon screen, enter your email address and password, click the Logon button. Click the link “Don’t know or forgot your password?” if it is your first time logon to retrieve your initial password. 

2.6. Why do I want to access my account?

It is to the benefit of both you and the school. You can:

The school will no longer need to enter all the data from the paper registration forms, and will always has your up-to-date information.

2.7. Is my account information safe in SIS?

Yes. Your information is encrypted over the network using HTTPS. Your account is password protected. Please use a password that has mixed letters and numbers and is hard to guess to protect your account.

3. Online registration

3.1. What about it?

Starting Fall 2005, you should register NWCS classes online for yourself or for your child(ren) using SIS. NWCS encourages you to use the online system because it is more accurate, and it is time saving for both you and the school. You can register the classes online if

The online registration deadline is the first day of the class of the new semester. Online registration starts one month before this deadline. The period of this month is called open registration period . The classes, their availabilities, and schedule will be posted on the web site when the registration starts.

The priority registration deadline is one week prior to the first day of the class of the new semester. Returning students have priorities over new students in registering for the Chinese classes they enrolled in the previous term. However, such priority is removed one week before the online registration deadline.

Each class has a maximum student limit. No more students are accepted once a class is filled.

3.2. What is the registration process?

A normal registration process is as follows:

For those who are unable to do online registration, you need to go to a special desk in the school office marked as “Paper Registration/Changes”. Please be aware that it could take considerably long time to get your registration processed. You are advised to make every effort to do your registrations online, and make any necessary changes during the open registration period .

3.3. How to make registration changes?

Registration changes (i.e. dropping class, adding new class, changing to a different class) can be made online during the open registration period , subject to the class capacity. After that, changes can only be made at the principal’s office.

4. Support

Email  for problems, questions, and suggestions.